…Bernard Dumaine &
Sander Bos…

I am thrilled to announce the long anticipated debut US exhibitions of international Phaneros artists
Bernard Dumaine & Sander Bos!!!

Opening Reception:
March 23rd 2019 @ 5pm
44 Mill St
Healdsburg, CA

Phaneros Art is taking over the Schroeders Collection storefront in Healdsburg,CA for a month long exhibit of mind-melting visionary masterpieces from our favorite European brethren, under one roof for a joint solo venture.

Bernard Dumaine

We invite you to join us for a massive display of 15+ years of collaborative Exquisite Corpse drawings from over 10 countries, spearheaded by world renowned instigator of the E.C. game, French mastermind Bernard Dumaine.
These 50+ graphite drawings will be accompanied by an impressive collection of his solo oil renditions both abstract & inspired by google's deep dream software.

Sander Bos

A selection of expansive never before seen oil paintings marking the visionary journey of pioneering dutch artist Sander Bos, illustrating the endless creative potential of the mind in the digital era.
Internationally known just as much for his work on 3D animations & virtual reality apps as his tireless pursuit of meticulously hand rendered masterpieces, one may expect a multidimensional experience complete with a full Oculus Rift setup to explore these fully immersive realms.